Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Letters

Dear Judah,
I know I've been randomly running up to you lately and hugging you extra tight. I just can't help it. Kindergarten will be starting soon and I'm so very aware of how you won't be home with us everyday. There's no doubt in my mind about how well you're going to do. You're ready for this and I think I'm ready, too! Those random hugs and squeezes though? Well,  I don't think they'll be ending anytime soon. Mama's crazy about you.

 Dear Eliza,
You're every good thing, packed into one little person. Don't ever change a thing about who you are. Keep dancing, singing and playing with Tupperware. I like you.

 Dear Husband,
Thank you for understanding me enough to know that I need moments of silence to thrive. Thank you for making these moments of peace possible and allowing me to escape from time to time, since our home is basically everything besides quiet. 
Dear Penny,
You follow us around the yard like a dog and you lay crazy large eggs every morning. Basically, you're the ideal chicken. Keep up the good work, girl.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Special Giveaway: The Next 1000 Days

My 3rd child, my baby, who's turning into a big girl. She's running now and everyday, she has new words. You'd think that after 3 kids, I'd be used to the way a baby transforms from a little person who solely depends on you, to a brave little soul who wants to explore the world, but I'm not taking it for granted- not one bit.

Everyday, I'm just as amazed with the way she's changing, as I was a first time Mom. Sure, I might be a bit more relaxed, but I'm just as thrilled, watching her grow as I was with the other two. Being her Mama and discovering who she is, is such a joy. I don't want to ever forget her firsts, our inside jokes and the things that make her laugh.

When she turns 2, I'll start recording all of her special moments, her drawings, her favorites and our adventures in this beautiful book, The Next 1000 Days. This beautiful companion to the best-selling The First 1000 Days journal (over 50,000 copies sold) helps parents capture the precious ages between two and six. From losing a first tooth to the first day of school, Nikki McClure's beautiful paper cut illustrations celebrate all the special moments. Parents can also write and draw with their child to help bring these years to life and preserve them for all time.

Nikki McClure is known for her intricate and beautiful paper cuts. Using an X-Acto knife, she cuts her images from a single sheet of paper, creating a bold graphic language that translates the complex poetry of motherhood, nature, and activism into endearing graphics. One of my favorite things about Nikki is that she lives in Olympia, WA. I have a big soft spot in my heart for local artists and authors.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bravery in Motherhood and a Padilla Bay Ladies Hike

It was only a few days ago, I walked into our bathroom and saw what I've been seeing far too often lately- potty on the floor. My son and I well, we've been having this recurring conversation about the absolute first thing you need to do when you go into the bathroom. Say it with me now, step number one is TURN ON THE LIGHT. For some reason, we've regressed in this “turning on the light” area and on this particular day, I was once again greeted with potty on the floor.

As I gathered some paper towels, some cleaner and kneeled onto the floor to clean it all up, I felt anger welling up inside of me. I wanted to yell about how sick and tired I am of cleaning up potty, but I didn’t. Instead I cleaned in silence and right there in the bathroom, I felt God telling me that right now, cleaning up that potty mess, without freaking out was what bravery looks like. In that moment, that’s what bravery looked like for me. Most days I try to be brave, but bravery for me might look different than what the world would expect bravery to be.

See friends, the world tells us that bravery is doing that big thing that everyone can see, but I don’t think that’s always it. In Motherhood, I think bravery is doing what’s right even when no one is looking. It’s cleaning up that mess for the 115th time, with grace, instead of yelling. It’s smiling when a smile doesn't come naturally and it’s choosing to do what’s right, even though you might be the only one who ever knows.

You might think you’re not brave, but you are. Bravery sometimes looks like putting your phone away for a few hours and choosing to look into those little eyes. Bravery is allowing yourself to say “No” to bigger things that everyone else seems to be doing, in order to say “Yes” to those little things that you know your children need.......................................

Come on over to All Mom Does, to read the rest of this post and join the conversation.
Yesterday we had our third monthly ladies hike. This one was a bit easier (like TONS easier) than our last adventure at The Oyster Dome. The trail at Padilla Bay was 4.8 miles long and it was perfectly sunny, with a light breeze. Can you say ideal? It really was quite perfect.

The trail is flat and wide. Before the summer's over, I think this would be a great place to take the kids for a family bike ride. Getting outside and doing these hikes with friends has been such a fun adventure. I feel like there are endless spots that I'd like to explore in this area and there's nothing better than doing it with a group of friends.

So, tell me about your weekend. What did you do? What was the best part?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites

There are SO many good things to share this week. Here are my Top 10:

1. Favorite Instragram: 
As a big "feeler", this is something that I'm constantly having to remind myself of.
2. Favorite Organization Ideas:
JoAnna Gaines is at it again. Have I mentioned that I love her? Well, I do.
3. Favorite Hike Inspiration: 
This instagram photo was taken by the ever so talented Matthew Land out at Skyline Trail, by Mount Baker. Yep, this hike has been pinned

4. This shirt.
Isn't it fun?

5. Favorite Writing Inspiration:

6. Favorite Kitchen:
Gosh, everything about this. The white cupboards and the open cabinets. The beams on the ceiling. All of it. Love.
7. Favorite deal of the week:
Tonight my sister and I enjoyed a bit of retail therapy at Goodwill. Little did I know that they were having their Western Days sale. These REAL leather, made in Indiana, Old West boots are going to be so cute on Eliza, that I feel like I could just kiss them. This, my friends, is why I love thrift shopping!
8. Favorite Moment of the Week:
These two, hanging at the Mariner's with Brock Huard and his son Titus. Earlier in the week, Jeremiah won tickets and this was Judah's first Mariner's game ever. What a special night for these guys!

9. Favorite goosebumps of the week: 
When Kari Jobe announced her engagement on Instagram, I couldn't help but break out in goosebumps. They're just too cute and I'm happy for her!

10. Favorite Back to School Something or Other:
This list. Isn't it the best? I just pray that my kids will have teachers like this one. What a blessing GREAT teachers are!

Have a great weekend! What will you be up to?


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