Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thursday Thankful List Link Up Vol. 4

Lately I've been thankful for.....

A house that's filled with singing and dancing. 
That I'm the one that she asks to twirl her. Over and over again, it's "Mama, twirl me!" When I think about it, it really feels like a privilege to be the first twirl.
 Right now I'm thankful for....awesome thrift store mugs.
MOPS crafts that help my children focus on gratitude.
Our once a month ladies hikes.
And....for fun friends who bundle up and  adventure together, even when it's practically freezing outside. I'm thankful for warm donuts afterwards. Haha...I know. We're so hard core.
 Right now I'm thankful for...November sunshine.
I'm thankful for....these kids to bake with. For bravery to cook with them, even though the mess freaks me out. I'm thankful for their enthusiasm and for Judah wanting to take the initiative and scoop the cookies onto the sheet himself.
Lately I've been thankful for....fancy tea cups from Grandpa Rod and for teddy bear tea parties. 
And.....warm apple juice, when my kids discover that they really don't like tea.
I've also been thankful for clean dishes, ready to put away and be brought back out for the next tea party.
For pink sunrises that make me feel like God is intentionally painting a gorgeous new day for us to enjoy.
I've also been thankful to live in a place where it's common to see a huge cow and a tiny wiener dog hanging out together in a field.
I'm thankful for....walks at sunset with my sister and all of our kids.

What have been thankful for lately?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Clay Ornaments

Around this time of year, I love trying out new recipes and craft ideas with my kids. We always try to keep it simple and mostly use what we already have on hand. This homemade clay, made with cornstarch, water and baking soda, far exceeded my expectations. You'll find the recipe at the end of this post. 

This clay takes only a few minutes to make and it was a great consistency for creating with. 
After it cooled enough to just be warm to the touch, we rolled it out and used cookie cutters to cut out various Christmas shapes. The clay dried quickly in a warm oven and then the kids painted their ornaments, while I brushed mine with some glitter. 

Our ornaments will used as simple homemade gifts or as gift tags. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Be Still Challenge

A few weeks ago, my friend Rebecca gave me challenge. She said, “Be still. Try doing nothing for 20 minutes and then I’d like you to write about it.” When she suggested this, I was immediately on board. What I didn’t expect is what I’d hear during those 20 minutes of stillness.

For many years, stillness has been a challenge for me. I’m a fidgeter and I’m one of those gals who is more comfortable up, putting something away, cleaning or doing something. Honestly, sitting and doing nothing makes me feel like I’m wasting time and, digging even deeper, it’s fair to admit that my to-do list runs me more than it should.
So, tonight I thought of Rebecca and as we wrapped up dinner, I told my husband that I thought I’d go lay down in our room for a bit. He said he thought it was a great idea and moments later I was lying on our bed…....Instagramming. Say what? I don’t think that’s what she meant by being still. My bad.
Well, my pillows didn’t deny the fact that we have 3 little kids. Silence didn’t come, but stillness did. After just a few moments of doing absolutely nothing, I felt like my ears started to really wake up to what it really sounds like in my house.
Right there, laying with my feet tucked in under a quilt, I heard my family out in the dining room. My husband was cleaning up from dinner, my 4 year old was belting out “Go Tell It On A Mountain”, my son was chatting away about cool ninja moves and my baby was laughing........
I'm sharing the rest of this story over on All Mom Does today. Come join me there and consider taking The Be Still Challenge! I'd love to hear what you discover when you lay the distractions aside!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Favorite Laughs:

If Dwight Schrute Quotes Were Motivational Posters

(click on the photo for the link)
And.....this was me today. Can I get an amen from all of my curly friends?
Cutest Doughnut Truck Ever:
This morning, on our way to the playground to meet up with a friend, we spotted this truck in the grocery store parking lot. Of course we drove up closer to admire it and believe or not, the doughnut guy came over to our car and asked if we'd like some doughnuts. I asked him how much the doughnuts cost and I just couldn't believe it when he said that they were FREE.
The best doughtnuts ever, served from the cutest little airstream and all for free.....Happy Friday for sure!
Favorite Snow Scene:
How gorgeous is this? This makes me miss the snow so much that it actually hurts.
Favorite Gift Idea List:
(click on the photo for the link)
Favorite Christmas Scene:
This website  has tons of inspiring Christmas decor ideas.
Favorite Healthy Recipe That I'm Excited To Try:
(click on the photo for the link)
This week you'll also find me sharing over on the MOPS International blog.
Also, I'm over on All Mom Does, sharing our favorite playdough recipe.

Happy Friday, friends.
What are you looking forward to this weekend?


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