Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!

Today was SUCH a great day. Judah and I had MOPS this morning and it was so fun! Judah did awesome in the nursery. He was able to be in their the entire 2.5 hrs without them having to page me. When I went to go get him, he was scooting around on the floor and laughing. It was so nice to be able to just enjoy MOPS and get a little break!

After MOPS, we went to Sally's house so I could feed Judah before going to Costco. We had a nice little visit with Sally and Ben and then we headed to Costco. At Costco, Judah got to have his first SAMPLE!!! They were handing out Gogurt and oh boy! He liked it! He loves riding in the front of the cart and being able to have a sample is like icing on the cake.

Another thing that made me really happy today is how easy Judah went to bed tonight. He has always slept really well for the most part but, the last few days we have struggled when it's time for him to go to sleep. When I put him down in his crib, he's been flipping onto his tummy, getting up into a crawling position and scooting around his crib. The problem has been that he is a back sleeper and he gets really sad because he doesn't know how to lay down on his back again to go to sleep. Anyway....tonight I layed him down and he scooted around for awhile and then he just layed down on his tummy and went to sleep without even fussing at all. I was so surpised! He never has slept on his tummy before. Honestly, it still kinda freaks me out but, I suppose it's ok since he put himself there and he is older now. So, I hope he sleeps well tonight like that. At least I didn't have to keep going back into his room and laying him back down on his back.

These simple things like good times in the nursery, a fun day at MOPS, Costco samples and going to sleep peacefully make me such a HAPPY MOMMA!

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