Thursday, September 3, 2009

Social, social, social

Well, no one can say that we aren't giving our child enough time around other people. Last week was vacation at Lake Chelan, then Sunday we were at a family party for Jeremiah's family, then we pretty much had company everday or went somewhere and now we have friends staying with us from across the country until they find a house. Geez, I got tired just from typing all that!
Judah is holding up great though. He is doing well being around all the different people and he is starting to become more intersted in other kids. He is the biggest blessing everyday. I love his sweet smile and cheerful attitude. I also love the fact that...In our weakness, HE is strong! To me, that means that when something is too big for me or too much or too hard, God will always be able to help me with it. We are not doing any of this alone!

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