Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To the Doc....

Well, we visited the doc this morning. Judah's nose has been so stuffed up that he's been refusing to nurse sometimes and that just isn't good! So, I took him in. She said that he just has a cold and that he's teething. She gave me a recipe to make a saline solution to clear up his nose. You mix 1/4tsp table salt with 6oz boiled water. Let it cool and then put a couple drops in each nostril with a medicine dropper. It really helps clear out his nose. Of course he doesn't really like it but, too bad!

He was such a good boy at the Doctor. He just smiled and tried to play with the stethoscope. She said that he is the perfect example of a happy baby that is well loved and attached to his family. What an amazing compliment. He makes me so proud!

Afterwards we went and saw Sally at Starbucks. I got a sugar-free hazelnut americano with cream. Yummy! Sally makes the best drinks.

Here is a picture I took yesterday. I was talking on the phone to my mom and Judah was playing on the kitchen floor. He think playing under the chairs is really fun.

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  1. You have one cute little man on your hands!! :) What a smile!!


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