Friday, October 9, 2009

Nine things for the 9th

9 Random Things About Today:

1. I started out my day VERY tired. Judah had a very hard time sleeping last night which is so weird because he almost always sleeps all night long. I couldn't be too frustrated with him because it was obvious that something was making him un-comfortable. I hope he is back to his normal self tonight!
2. I stayed in my pajama's and got stuff done most of the day. I did laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. Sometimes I think I should be more motivated to shower and get ready for the day so, I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone came to my door. I also didn't get Judah out of his PJ's until 4pm. Am I the only mom that slacks on that sometimes?
3. Judah and I met Sally & Noah and went for a great walk outside. I never get tired of our walks and great conversation!
4. I blocked off our kitchen and let our big, hairy dog hangout with us during dinner. Judah just LOVES Fritz. The smile on his face is totally worth all the sweeping I have to do later.
5. Judah stuck his finger up my nose by mistake and made it bleed.
6. The song 'Hosanna' by Starfield is soooo good. I could listen to it on repeat for a very, very long time.
7. Speaking of music, I don't know what I'd do without Pandora. I can't get tired of listening to good praise music. It changes the atmosphere in my home. Judah loves it too. I love teaching him to Praise God!
8. 'Til Death is back on now and even's on Friday nights! I'm excited because I love this show and there aren't any other shows I really like on Friday nights.
9. I started sorting and organizing stuff today for our MOPS consigment sale. I found some good things to sell!

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