Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our other "kids"

I had "doggy fever" for a very long time and I wanted to get a dog so bad. Finally one Saturday, I decided there was no reason to keep waiting. I grabbed a paper, looked in the pets section and then Jeremiah and I went and bought Rosie. She was the only puppy we ever went to see. When I picked her up, she rested her head on my shoulder and it was all over after that, I had to have her. Rosie is 1/2 pug and 1/2 beagle.
About a year later, we decided that Rosie needed a doggy buddy. I was always searching and we saw that Fritz was at a local shelter. We took Rosie with us to go meet him and they bonded instantly. Now Rosie is 3 and Fritz is 2. They have always gotten along great. Fritz is some sort of a spaniel mix but, it's hard to tell for sure. All I know is that he is great and I can't believe he was at the shelter!
Since we have Judah now, they are taken the back burner but, they are still very important to us. It makes me smile now to see how much Judah loves them. He follows Rosie around the house all day and he thinks they are just too cool.


  1. Oh that are both cute! Your little Boy is a so cute to love those blue eyes :)

  2. Both of your puppy's are to stinkin cute! I have to say that your little boy with those big blue eyes is even cuter!!
    Summer :0)

  3. Oh those are precious puppies! I would love to have a little pug like that!! Your little boy is Just beautiful too!


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