Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Decorating Helper

I love, love, love this time of year and I love decorating for Christmas. It is so exciting to pull the boxes out of the garage and get all the pretty things out. This year it is even more fun since we have Judah now. Of course, it is also more challenging to decorate with him around and I am alot more limited on where I can put things. He was so good when I was getting stuff out. He just watched me, we had good Christmas music going and it was so fun.

So, while he watched me get the decorations out, I couldn't help but put some on him and take a few pictures.

I've been trying to think of some good ideas for Judah's Christmas presents. I posted it on Facebook and I got some really good ideas. Thank you Facebook friends!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tupperware hat

The other day I needed to do a little baking to bring to MOPS. I had Judah in the kitchen with me in his play pen so that he could hangout with me but, I could still get something done. Anyway, I brought out this big tupperware container and we had so much fun playing with it. It is so fun to see him get so much joy from something so simple.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for. This year has been amazing as we have started our journey as parents. I'm very excited to have our first Thanksgiving with Judah and I am very thankful to God for providing for all of our needs. As much as this year has been amazing, it has also been very challenging and my faith has been stretched. We have faced new challenges but, we really do have so much to be thankful for.
Next post, I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of Judah's first Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our other "kids"

I had "doggy fever" for a very long time and I wanted to get a dog so bad. Finally one Saturday, I decided there was no reason to keep waiting. I grabbed a paper, looked in the pets section and then Jeremiah and I went and bought Rosie. She was the only puppy we ever went to see. When I picked her up, she rested her head on my shoulder and it was all over after that, I had to have her. Rosie is 1/2 pug and 1/2 beagle.
About a year later, we decided that Rosie needed a doggy buddy. I was always searching and we saw that Fritz was at a local shelter. We took Rosie with us to go meet him and they bonded instantly. Now Rosie is 3 and Fritz is 2. They have always gotten along great. Fritz is some sort of a spaniel mix but, it's hard to tell for sure. All I know is that he is great and I can't believe he was at the shelter!
Since we have Judah now, they are taken the back burner but, they are still very important to us. It makes me smile now to see how much Judah loves them. He follows Rosie around the house all day and he thinks they are just too cool.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Mr. Blue Eyes

Here are just a few recent pictures of our happy boy. He has been changing so quickly this month. He is crawling really fast now and pulling up on everything. I wish I could do a "home tour" and check out how other people have their house set up for an active baby. I would be curious to see how much people baby proof or if they just keep their child safe in a certain play area or what.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I had a great talk with my mom tonight. She is such a stong woman and she has been through so much. I just really appreciate her and I think I take her for granted too often.
We were talking about Judah and what a joyful spirit he has. I said that I just want to be the best mom to him possible because he deserves the very best in the world but, I don't always know how to do that. My mom gave me some great advice. She said to always be someone he can count on, no matter what. Always be reliable to him. Be the kind of person that says what you mean, and mean what you say. Always follow through. Never let him down.
Now, this doesn't mean that he can't see that I have hard days or that I have faults. He will see me have hard times and he will see me mess up. But, I need to try and always be the #1 person he can count on.
I just think this is such great advice for so many different levels. When it comes to discipline or rules, I don't want to be a push over. I want to be the kind of mom that says something and then follows through. I want my children to be confident in the boundaries that are established for them and be confident in who they are. I also want them to always know that they can count on me. The world is going to let them down many times but, I want Judah to always know that he can come to me, no matter what.
I am so thankful for my mom and for her kind spirit. She is not the kind of mother that is just constantly dishing out advice but, when she is asked or when she has the right thing to say, she can be very wise.

Follow up post re: please pray

The little boy that had the heart surgery is doing wonderful! His surgery went far better than expected! I'm sure his family is just thrilled beyond words. Check out his mom's blog to read the entire story. His mom has a very wide read blog and it's amazing to think that he had literally thousands of people all over the world praying for him! A link to her blog is in my previous post.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Please pray for this family

Below is a link to a blog that I read regularly. I don't know all the details and it would take me a very long time to explain the entire situation but, they have a little boy who just turned 1 and he has something very wrong with his heart. Long story short, he is having a very major heart surgery on Tuesday. He could possibly die during his surgery or the results from the surgery could be very positive. They just don't know what will happen for sure.
Please take a moment to read her blog and find out more details. Then please pray for the Mom, Dad, the baby that will be having the surgery and their other 3 children. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult this must be for them. Thank you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sleeping Boy

I went in to wake Judah from his nap and he was sleeping so cute like this. I couldn't resist going and getting the camera and taking a picture of him. He likes to gather up his blanket, lay down on top of it with his little bum in the air and sleep. It's just too cute!


Today when I was driving to Everett to go clean at my Grandma's, the song below really spoke to me. Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I am not interesting enough, not fun enough, not pretty enough, my house isn't decorated enough, not creative enough and so on. Those little insecurities always creep up on me. I find myself comparing myself to other ladies and wishing I was more like them. I'm not quite sure why I do that or how to stop but, I know I need to. Anyway, this is a good song. I like how it says "the way it always was, is no longer good enough". Now, isn't that true!
I am a little hesitant to post this, as I am being very, very transparent here. However, I did start this blog in place of doing old fashioned journaling so, what the heck.

Brave(Nichole Nordeman, Jay Joyce)
The gate is wide
The road is paved in moderation
The crowd is kind and quick to pull you in
Welcome to the middle ground
You're safe and sound and
Until now it's where I've been'
Cause it's been fear that ties me down to everything
But it's been love,
Your love, that cuts the strings
So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave
I am small
And I speak when I'm spoken to
But I am willing to risk it all
I say Your name
Just Your name and I'm ready to jump
Even ready to fall...
Why did I take this vow of compromise?
Why did I try to keep it all inside?
So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave
I've never known a fire that didn't begin with a flame
Every storm will start with just a drop of rain
But if you believe in me
That changes everything
So long, I'm gone
So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
I wanna be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally, staying home all day!

Well, I haven't posted anything in awhile and I don't have anything too exciting to say. The newest thing in the world of Judah is that he has started to pull up to standing on stuff. He pulls up and then looks really proud of himself. He isn't too graceful at sitting back down yet but, he's working on it and so far, he hasn't gotten hurt! He is pretty darn cute standing in his crib in the morning when I go in to get him!

Today is the first day in a long time that I am staying home all day. Well, the day isn't over yet but, I don't plan on going anywhere and it is so nice. I've been cleaning, doing the rest of the laundry, getting caught up on stuff and it feels great. Judah is taking his afternoon nap right now and I'm going to go un-load the dishwasher and then go outside, pick up after the dogs and then start dinner. I know, it's not a very exciting day but, it sure feels good to just get stuff done.
For dinner I'm going to make stuffed bell peppers and then roasted veggies. We have some beets, carrots and parsnips from the Mount Vernon farmer's market that need to be cooked.

Could this possibly be the most boring post I've ever written? Maybe! Haha! It has been a very good week so far though! Monday was a good walk with a new friend and her son, Tuesday was the Camano MOPS clothing exchange and then Zumba in the evening with Sally, and then today has been good just being home and working on things. Also, I got a super cute card in the mail from my secret sister yesterday and I have no clue who she is.

Well, time for me to get off the computer. My list isn't going to finish it's self, unfortunately.


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