Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This was the best Christmas that we have had so far. It was so fun to be able to share it with Judah and to think that the fun is just beginning. Next year will be even more fun with him.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Jeremiah's Grandma's house and celebrated with his side of the family. Then on Christmas morning, just the 3 of us opened presents together as a family. Later Christmas day, my side of the family came over and we spent the rest of the day opening presents, eating yummy food and visiting. I really love having company over. I am such a perfectionist though that I stress out about it too much. I seriously need to just chill out.
This is a picture of Judah heading toward the tree on Christmas morning. He was happy to finally be able to mess with those fun look'n presents!
I love this little stocking that I found. It was in the dollar bin at Target. Eventually, I want to have matching stockings with our names monogrammed for each person in our family but, that just didn't happen this year. We can re-use this stocking though for our future children's first Christmas. In case it's hard to read, it says "Baby's First Christmas".

Isn't this sign with his name on it cute? I think I want to glue the pieces down and put it on his wall. I know it's supposed to be a toy but, I think it'd be a fun decoration.

Amazing, my husband and I took a picture of us. We don't have very many pictures of just the 2 of us since we've had Judah.My mom had so much fun hanging out with her Grandson's and just being a Grandma. The cousins were so cute playing together in their matching shirts. I love that we can dress them matching. Them are almost the exact same size too.

One of the little highlights of the day is that both boys took a long nap during dinner. We were all able to sit around the table together, just adults and not have to try and keep them occupied. Judah was off sleeping peacefully in his crib and we set the play pen up in our room for Noah. It worked out great and it made the meal so much more relaxing.

During dinner, my 83 year old Grandma asked us to explain Twitter to her and then my 59 year old uncle was trying to understand why people would want to text each other. It was pretty funny to try and explain these things. It was also pretty funny to hear my mom try and explain texting. Sometimes you just have to smile and nod.
All texting and twittering aside, it was a great Christmas and we are so blessed to be able to celebrate Christ's birth with awesome family and friends. I am so thankful that we know the real reason we are celebrating!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A year of facebook statuses....

Of course, this wasn't nearly all of my status updates. I thought it was really cool though. So many of them are such special memories of my first year with Judah. So special!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get your hands out of that stocking candy for your hubby & kids!

It has been way too long since I have blogged. I've missed it too! This month has just been crazy and then after Christmas I'm going to be busy planning Judah's 1st Birthday party! Earlier in the month, my husband turned 31 and we had his party here. Happy Birthday Love!

We are having Christmas at our house this year. Actually, we have had it at our house the last 3 years I think. I'm really looking forward to it. I love having my family here, I love decorating and I love not having to drive anywhere on Christmas day!

Today Judah is 11 month old. He is crawling around everywhere and curious about everything. He is so happy most of the time. When we are out in stores, he looks at everyone and says "Hi" until they respond back to him. He loves saying "hi".

I took these pictures tonight while Judah was sitting under our tree. Don't be fooled, he wasn't actually sitting still for more than a second or two and after the pictures, I put all the presents back in our spare room. He is pretty good about leaving the tree alone but, I think it's too much to expect an 11 month old to leave Christmas presents alone!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We went and got our Christmas tree yesterday and it was so much fun. I love the experience of going to the tree farm, walking around and finding the perfect tree. We always go to Alan Acres and they are so nice there! After we found our tree, they gave us hot cocoa and candy canes. It is so much fun and this year was even way more fun because it was Judah's first time going to get a Christmas tree!

As you can see, Judah really liked walking around with us and looking at the trees.
My husband starts working 2 jobs today and he won't have a day off work until Christmas Eve so, it was really special for us to have this family time together.
We aren't one of those families who have more than one Christmas Tree or really fancy decorations. I really like having a real tree though, I don't think we will ever have a fake one. It would just seem so strange to me. I really like getting new ornaments and Christmas decorations though so, I think this year after Christmas, I'll go see what I can find on clearance.

I really like how this family picture of us turned out!

You might notice that our tree is only decorated from the middle up. With a cruiser/crawler around, I figured this would be the best choice. Of course, it would look better if the whole thing was decorated but, that's just the price you pay when you have a little one, I suppose!

Tonight after I finished nursing Judah before putting him to bed, we stood in front of the tree and I rocked him. It was so amazing to be standing there with him in my arms. This time last year, I was almost to the end of my pregnancy and I was imagining what Christmas would be like with him here. Christmas is definetly better with him here, even if my tree is only half decorated!


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