Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cake Pops

Today I made cake pops to package up as favors for Judah's Birthday party. First I baked a regular chocolate cake, then I crumbled it up in a bowl.

Next, I mixed in a container of cream cheese frosting.

Then I rolled the dough into balls and put them in the freezer to chill for awhile.

After they chilled for a bit, I melted some of the candy melts and then dipped the end of the sticks in the candy and stuck them in the cake balls.

Then I put them back in the freezer to chill a little longer and so I put Judah down for a nap. When I was ready to finish them, I melted the rest of the candy melts. Then I took them out of the freezer, dipped them in the candy melts and then sprinkled them with the green sprinkles.

To dry, they are supposed to be stuck in a styrofoam block but, I didn't have one of those. Instead, I used a few of our food dehydrator trays and it worked wonderfully! They have small enough holes that the cake pops weren't able to move around very much.

I think they ended up turning out really cute and they will be a fun little favor for Judah's party.
We gave Judah a little taste of one and he really liked it. We had to put the rest away where he couldn't see because he wanted more. I'm surprised he ate his green beans for dinner!

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