Friday, January 29, 2010

Day #2

Well, today Sally and Noah came over with their jogging stroller. I got out mine and we headed out. We did our normal 2.6 mile route but, we jogged some of it and walked some of it. We did the whole thing in 40 minutes. We weren't super fast but, we were slow either and it was good exercise.

I just have to say that running and pushing a stroller is MUCH harder than running on the treadmill with good music while racing the person next to me. Today when we jogged, it was just so hard for me. I really felt like such a big baby and so out of shape!

So, tomorrow I'll go to the gym and do 1.5miles jogging. I'm looking forward to being on the treadmill again and not pushing a stroller!

2 Cute Things From Today:
****Judah opened the refrigerator and said "cheese". I asked him if he wanted some cheese for a snack, put him in his highchair and gave him some string cheese. He was so cute saying cheese.
****From the living room, I looked into the kitchen to see what Judah was doing. He was laying on his tummy underneath the dining room table, resting his head on his hands. He looked like he was about to just fall asleep right there under the table. It was too cute.

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