Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Day

Today was a really good day. At MOPS it was spa day. We got to do alot of visiting and then massage our feet, do a paraffin hand wax and just hang out. It was really fun. Judah did really well in the nursery the entire time and when I went to pick him up, the nursery workers said that he was saying "Hi" and "Ball". It's nice to know that other people hear him talking and not just me! I am really amazed by his little growing vocabulary!

My sweet secret sister gave me a mug with hot cocoa packets and some candies in it and an Oprah Magazine! I just LOVE the mug and it was so sweet of her. I'm excited to sit down and read my magazine too. I always think those magazines look interesting when I'm in the checkout isle but, I don't usually end up buying one. Such a sweet gift!

After we got home from MOPS, my husband called. He was working in our area today so, he was able to come home and be with us for his lunch break. That hasn't happened before so, that was fun.

All day I had been planning on watching "The Bachelor" that I taped from last night when Judah took his nap. But, when he went down I just couldn't. My house looked neglected and it was bothering me so, I cleaned and did laundry instead. It felt good to get caught up on stuff though and The Bachelor will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Well, that was my day. Now I'm off to go watch American Idol with my hubby!

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