Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laying low

For the last couple of days, Judah and I have just been laying low. He came down with a fever on Sunday evening and since then, the fever had continued and he also has a cough. This afternoon he was so warm, his temp was 102.5. Poor baby! He has had a great attitude for not feeling well but, you can just tell by looking at him that he doesn't feel very good. So, we have just stayed home. He's been playing around and I've been doing laundry, cleaning and the normal daily stuff.

I'm hoping that he'll be feeling better tomorrow. If he isn't we'll be making a trip to the Doctor. I'm so ready for him to be healthy again and then we can get out of the house. We have a big list of to-do's for this week and I'm starting to get cabin fever!

I just love that little boy so much. He has started to say "shoe" and the way he says it is just too cute. He says "shoe" whenever he sees someones shoe or he pulls off his sock and says "shoe." He just brightens my day, even when he is sick.

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