Monday, January 11, 2010

Not me Monday

Whew....what a day it has been already and it's only 2:17pm. The day started out with Judah and I going to Winco by ourselves to do a MONTH worth of grocery shopping. Oh yes, it wasn't me with a child that started to scream every time I tried to set him in the shopping cart. It wasn't me that had to carry a very heavy almost one year old for the beginning of our shopping trip. It wasn't me that finally gave him my keys to play with so that he'd not scream when I buckled him in there. And it definitely wasn't me that put them back in my purse after he dropped them on the ground because I don't like him playing with my keys. I do have to give him credit though and say that after he realized that he WAS going to need to sit in the cart, he was a pretty happy boy for the rest of the time.

However, at Winco you have to bag your own groceries. It wasn't me that got so stressed out about holding everyone else up that I was starting to sweat almost as much as when I was on the elliptical last night. It wasn't me that wondered if I should never, ever do a month worth of grocery shopping and then have to bag it all myself ever again with a child. It wasn't me that was thinking bad thoughts and possibly giving dirty looks to people that work there that were just standing around. It wasn't me that thought they should just offer to help.
On a happier note, now it isn't me that has perfectly full cupboards and a 'fridge full of healthy food that should last about a month. It isn't me that has all the groceries bought for Judah's Birthday party on Saturday and it isn't me that feels good about that.

After Winco, we went to Party City. It wasn't me that spent $31 on paper plates and napkins. Ok, I bought a couple other things too but, how is that possible? That is alot of money for just paper. The colors go great though and I'm not excited for his party on Saturday or anything. Nope, not me!

On our way home, it wasn't me that played instrumental christmas music very loudly and also sang very loudly so that Judah would stay awake. No, it wasn't me that also had to turn ou Celien Dion and sing to that so, that he wouldn't drift off. It wasn't me that was so happy to put him down for a long nap when we got home so, that I could un-load a month worth of groceries from my car. Then it wasn't me that was so happy at 2pm to finally sit down and have a bowl of brussel sprouts and a turkey wrap in a low-carb tortilla for lunch. That may not sound like the best lunch to you but, I'm not trying to be healthy or anything so, it actually was pretty yummy to me!

Well, in case you haven't figured it out by now, Not Me really means it was me. I got this idea from MckMama, I blog I read regularily.
Happy Monday!

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  1. I always seem to spend way too much money at Party City too! And I will talk to my youngest son in the car trying to keep him awake...but it usually doesn't work:) He loves to nap in the car!


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