Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oldie but, goodie

The other day when I had my picture card out of my camera, I discovered that I have some pictures saved on my camera that were not on the card. I didn't even know I had these pictures and I was so happy to come across them.

This picture is when Judah was just 2 days old. I don't think it could be anymore precious.

This last week Judah hasn't been feeling too well but, I could tell that he is feeling alot better today. He was back to his old self. The little boy that never stops moving and is into everything. He was laughing alot too. A few minutes after I put him in his crib tonight for bed, I heard a different noise over the baby monitor. It sounded like he was laughing. I went and peeked in his room and there he was, laying with his blankie all tucked under him and he was just laughing and laughing. He must be on the mend if he is laughing himself to sleep!

Quick update on the jogging training.

Saturday I went to the gym, ran 1 mile, walked .25 miles and then ran another .25. So, 1.5 total. It felt good.

Today I went to the gym and ran 2 miles without walking at all! It was hard but, it felt so good! The schedule I'm following has Sunday being the day where you do the longest run and then you rest on Monday. So, no running for me tomorrow. My time was 22 minutes for 2 miles. I felt really good today on the treadmill. That may have something to do with the coffee I had before hand. Caffeine always makes things a little easier.

I'm hoping that this will be a really good week! Judah has been refusing to drink ANYTHING from a bottle or silly cup and it is really hard on me. It makes me just want to cry because I want him to be getting enough fluids. He just pushes everything away. I'm hoping we can get over this hurdle this week!


  1. This is such an adorable picture of Judah! And, it's the cutest thing that he's LAUGHING himself to sleep! What a happy boy!

    I know how worried you must be that he's not drinking. It's hard. For T, I even once took an extra syringe (?) that we had (an extra for some medication, which we never used)and filled it with water/juice, to squirt it in his mouth. Just so I could get SOMETHING into his system. Hang in there, and keep on offering - I'm sure he will come around as he's getting better.

    Great job on the running!

  2. How fun to find pictures you didn't know you had! What a treasure.

    Okay, jogging! I'm impressed. I haven't seemed to be able to get back into exercising since the kids. I did Tae-Bo and running (really jogging) pre-babies. I can't seem to motivate myself. How do you motivate yourself? Do you promise yourself some kind of reward? Or is it just the reward of accomplishment?? I'd love advice!


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