Sunday, January 17, 2010

So thankful

For weeks before Judah's party, I kept on thinking that I wanted to pray before we ate at the party. Of course this doesn't seem like such a big deal but, some of Jeremiah's family doesn't go to church and I was nervous to pray in front of them. God kept on bothering my conscience about it though and I knew I REALLY wanted to pray at the party. I knew that we needed to acknowledge God and thank Him for Judah. I knew that if I didn't pray, I would always regret it. So, I pushed my nerves to the side and everyone gathered around and I prayed. I thanked God for Judah's health, for what a blessing he is in our lives and I prayed for family members that weren't able to be with us. I was nervous but, I was so glad I did.

Tonight I got an email for one of Jeremiah's aunts. She said "Thank you for praying - it really set the tone for the whole party". Tears have been streaming down my face. I am SO thankful that she said that. I know God is working in their lives and I am so thankful. This is one of those situations where doing the right thing really paid off in obvious ways.

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