Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello, Spring

I love spring. I think it has always been my favorite time of year. I grew up north of the Spokane area and when springtime started over there, the snow that had been on the ground all winter would start to melt away. Shortly after the snow was gone, little tulip and daffodil bulbs would start peeking through. It was always so exciting to walk around the yard and see what new things were growing.
I also love spring because that's when baby animals are born. We had a couple of outdoor cats and springtime at our house usually meant baby kittens. My sister and I could feel the baby kittens in the mommy's tummy and then later you could hear little meows coming from a bush. We would spend hours waiting to be able to see those little baby kitties. When we finally figured out where the momma cat hid them, we would play with them and then the momma cat would move her litter somewhere else and try to get away from us little girls again.

Now, we don't have cats so, I don't have baby kitties to look forward to (that's ok with me!) but, I still love walking around the yard and seeing what little plants are starting to peek out of the ground. This afternoon, Judah and I went and took a little walk around the yard. We took some pictures of the new buds and blooms and then I let him crawl around in the grass for a bit. We had so much fun getting some fresh air and sunshine.
Tulips beginning to grow.

Fresh buds on the trees.


Sweet baby playing in the grass.


  1. Isn't the sight of all these flowers crazy so early in spring? I love it too. Where did you grow up north of spokane? I'm from Colville, about 2 hours north.

  2. I grew up in a little town by Newport, called Usk. It's also by Cusick. Have you heard of it? It was so much more "country living" over there than it is here!

  3. yay for being outside with our boys! I don't remember feeling the kittens in the momma's tummy, though! such good memories of spring over in Pend Oreille :)

  4. to copy your expression "it warms my heart"/// it really warms my heart to read this (and your other blogs) Yes, it really was fun spending lots of time living on the Pend Oreille (on the bank I mean) river and spending lots of time outside together. Last night at church, the topic of the message was discovering your "spiritual instinct" and it was stated that one of the ways to appreciate God is in his creation...we were blessed to have that in abundance! I remember how you girls loved the baby kitties and how occasionally our golden retriever, Kody, would also gentley carry a kitten around and then return it to its mommy. thanks for sharing!


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