Friday, February 12, 2010

Meal Times

Meals at our house are very messy, or should I say "self expressive" these days. Judah is reaching that phase where he is wanting to learn how to feed himself. Feeding himself finger foods is no biggie but, he wants to learn how to use the spoon. He hasn't quite figured out that it isn't a good idea to fling the spoon up over your head when there is food on it. First put the food in your mouth and then fling the spoon, if you must.

Oh well, it's just a learning experience and my floors keep up well. Before I know it, it'll be summertime and we'll be able to have lots of picnics outside.

Judah's other new thing is that he loves to try and feed me. When he isn't hungry anymore and he's lost interest in his food, he looks and me and says "ahhhhhh". He loves to give me bites. It's too cute that he tries to get me to take bites the same way that I've tried to get him to eat.

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