Thursday, February 4, 2010


Judah has been so full of new words lately. It's been so fun to hear his sweet little voice say "shoe" and "cheese" and his other little words. His voice is so precious and it melts my heart.

Tonight when I walked in from being at the gym, Jeremiah told me that he taught Judah a new word while I was gone. Judah can now say "pretty"! I guess the whole idea was for him to say "Mommy Pretty". What a sweet little boy and what a sweet husband I have.

In other good news, Judah drank alot more water today. For the last 2 weeks, he has just pushed anything to drink away from him. Anything and in any cup/bottle/straw. Anything.
Well, today we went and played with Sally and cousin Noah and Judah got to use one of Noah's sippy cups for water during lunch. He drank and drank so, we are borrowing it from Sally. I really hope he continues to drink well from it. Thanks Noah for sharing!


  1. You have a good man!
    But you are going to have to watch Judah. If he talks like that to all the girls he's going to break a lot of hearts!

  2. Hi, Thanks for finding my blog and for the comment. Your blog is great too. I became a follower!!! I love what you say about God putting the desires in your heart!!! So true and I really am trying to follow that and trust Him and do his will for my life and right now that means being MomMom to these two boys. Collin has a bit of a rough road ahead, and he had a pretty rough week so thanks for encouraging me! Lesley

  3. Oooh, how sweet! What a thoughtful and loving husband you have - and such an adorable son! Fast learner, too! :-)
    You are a very beautiful woman inside and out, indeed! Thanks for sharing!


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