Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Day

Today was a happy day. The first happy thing was when I went in to get Judah out of his crib this morning, he started clapping as I walked in his door. Everyone can use a little applause in the morning!

Then we went to MOPS and it was Tea & Testimony week. 4 amazing women shared from their hearts and each one had such a touching story. Each story was so unique and special and it was so nice for them to open up and share their personal stories with us. I love that we have so many unique ladies in our MOPS group. However, I don't love that we are already over half way through with the MOPS year and that I feel like I have only barely started getting to know some of them.

After MOPS, Judah and I came home so that I could get him some lunch and get him down for a good nap. Last night I made Chicken & Broccoli casserole for dinner and Judah thought the leftovers were delicious for lunch! It made me so happy to see him eating that broccoli and loving it. He's always been pretty good about liking veggies but, it's been harder for me to find vegetable finger foods that he likes. He seems to like the pureed veggies more so, it's always exciting when he eats table food veggies well.

After his nap, we jetted off to Costco and picked up the usual stuff. It's amazing that I can be in and out in 30 minutes (not exaggerating) and drop $120 in that short amount of time. Geez, that's alot. When we got home, Jeremiah gave Judah dinner before he headed out to his Fire Dept. meeting then Judah and I did bedtime together. When I was giving him his bottle before bed, he was holding my hand so sweet. We have listened to the same CD before bed while I nursed him since he was 5 weeks old and we still listen to it every night while we sit in the chair. It is so precious to me that he knows that music means it's almost bedtime and it really relaxes him.

He is taking a bottle just a couple times a day now and I'm no longer nursing him. When I was spotting a couple weeks ago, I figured it was best to stop. It didn't really phase him and I think it was best. Of course, it was emotionally hard but, I think I had a good reason to stop. I believe that it is normally fine to be pregnant and still nurse a baby but, I didn't want to do anything that could possibly make me bleed more. I nursed him for almost 13 months so, I think I can pat myself on the back for that.

Well, when I started this blog, my intent was to basically just journal our everyday life. This post has definitely just been a journal entry about our day. I hope it hasn't bored anyone terribly!


  1. Dear Angela -
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day! It is in the little things...like a baby clapping or a spring flower that we can find such joy and peace. give Judah a hug for me! Mom

  2. You will be so thankful you wrote this stuff down when you look back, even a year from now when life has changed so much. I wish I had written more down.


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