Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 weeks and this weekend

Today I'm ten weeks along in our pregnancy. Well, give or take a day or so. Babies really choose their due dates, not us. For now, I'm going with Oct. 17th though so, that makes me 10 weeks today. 10 weeks means that I'm a little closer to the lovely 2nd trimester. The wonderful stage where the delicious food I eat will actually stay in my stomach! I hate to sound like I'm complaining but, I really am getting tired of throwing up.

10 weeks also means that I'm closer to the wonderful time when I'll get to feel this sweet little baby moving around. With Judah, I felt him kick for the 1st time at 16 weeks, 4 days. We were in Mexico watching a show at our hotel and while the actors were singing and dancing, I felt a little piece of popcorn go off in the stomach. To this day, he LOVES music and he loves dancing so, that's a very special memory.

Now, to change this subject....
This weekend has been really good! Yesterday morning I worked the MOPS consignment sale and that was really fun. Afterwards, I headed to Home Depot (a store I love) and loaded up on bags of bark and weed killer. When I got home, Jeremiah had Judah down for his nap so, we headed outside. He sprayed all of our driveway and rocks and I weeded our rose bed. After he was done spraying, he helped me spread bark on the rose bed and it looks so good! All the weeds are gone and we spread bark thick enough that it should really help keep more from coming up. I love working outside with my husband. My A-type personality really likes getting stuff done and it's even better when we can get stuff done together.

After our yard work, we all headed to the store and got some stuff to BBQ and then just hung out until bedtime. This morning we had church and it was my week in the nursery. I thought Judah would be super happy in there because I was with him but, I was wrong. He was such a grumpy pants. I'm not sure what the deal was! We grocery shopped after church and then came home, did lunch, put Judah down for a nap. I started some laundry and then I took a nap also. When he woke up, we all went for a walk before dinner.

It was a good weekend. Perfect balance of getting stuff done and also relaxing. I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

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