Thursday, March 11, 2010

Best Sandwich and 2nd ultrasound!

Today I got to go see our baby again and I brought Sally and Judah along with me! We had so much fun. Sally has got to be the best auntie ever. She even clipped his finger nails while we were waiting for the ultrasound and that's not such an easy thing to do for a 1 year old. The baby looks great! Baby is measuring about 9 weeks along, right on schedule and the blood clot in my uterus looked like it's almost gone! Praise the Lord! The doctor said that I don't have any unusual restrictions now. I can exercise and do whatever. It's so nice to not feel like I really need to take it easy! In two weeks the baby changed so much, growing life is such a miracle!

Switching gears......

After I put Judah down for his afternoon nap, I made the best sandwich ever. Well, to me it's the best. I've been making these all the time lately. First you toast some yummy, healthy bread. Then you put mayo, pepper and a touch of seasoning salt on the bread. Next you put slices of avocado, tomato and lettuce on the bread. If you have turkey, that's yummy and healthy to add as well. I just had veggies on mine today and it was perfect. I know this sound simple and it is but, it just hits the spot lately.


  1. Good to hear that the blood clot is almost gone. I know that things like that, no matter how little they are, can still be scary. And yes, isn't it amazing how much detail shows on those early ultrasounds. Life is so amazing!

    I saw your post on fb just a minute ago and laughed because you sound so...pregnant:) I mean, the sandwich does look good, but the only time I remember being so passionate about it except when I was preggers myself, LOL. Enjoy your food:)

  2. Oh Jewel, I feel a little embarrassed! I hope I didn't sound like some famished preggo who was stuffing her face! Haha!

  3. Hey, be proud of your sandwich! It's not like you were boasting about some really weird, and terribly bad for you food combination that you love :) Makes me want one...


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