Thursday, March 18, 2010

The first thing Judah stole

Tuesday afternoon I had an appointment and I had Judah with me. The boy doesn't like to hold still for 5 seconds so, I let him sit on the floor and play with my purse. I don't have anything dangerous or embarrassing in there so, I didn't think anything of it.

Well, yesterday when we got home from the store, I found this in my purse......

This is the door stopper from the office where we were. Gross I know and it's definitely NOT ours. It cracked me up that he put it in there and that we left with it. If he was a little older, I would definitely take him back there and help him return it. I guess I'm going to have to watch him a little closer in the future. Hopefully he won't get into a habit of taking things home that do not belong to him. We can't have that!

In other news, I can finally rejoice out loud that my sister is expecting again! I've known for a week. I actually found out in the car while we were driving to my ultrasound together last Thursday. I am so sticking excited for her!!! Last time, we were due 5 weeks apart. This time, we are due 4 weeks apart. Neither time, we really tried to be pregnant at the same time! God has given us the most amazing blessing of being able to grow our families together.

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  1. Hi Angela -
    This is Mom....from Sallys computer.....
    I was just reading Sallys blog and then, of course, had to catch up on yours too! I love the sandwich recipe...simple but yummy. I think it is absolutely adorable that Judah gave you a present and put it into your purse. Judah and his cousin Noah are going to be very good big brothers!!

    Love, Mom


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