Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a day, just an ordinary day

I don't have anything particularly exciting to write about but, I'll write anyway. Today was just a pretty ordinary day. I started the day feeling tired and queasy. Ever task that was on my list felt like it was going to be so hard to accomplish. It was just one of those times were everything felt very overwhelming. I didn't have a huge list either. It was actually very manageable!
-Go to Stanwood, get groceries.
-Fold the white laundry that was washed yesterday and put the piles in the appropriate room.
-Make the black bean recipe that Sally emailed me.
-Send thank you card to J.
-Hang the family picture from church on the wall.
-Make husband's lunch.

I think those were the only things on my list. Anyway, we headed to town and got our stuff done. Judah has a runny nose and is fighting a bug but, he was in a good mood all day. When we came home, I got some good music going and then conquered my list while he was napping. As the afternoon progressed, everything began to seem a little less overwhelming and I finished off my list.

The black bean recipe turned out awesome. We had them for dinner in whole wheat tortillas with sour cream on top and it was so good. The recipe is here.

Judah has been loving his bear lately so, I took a couple of pictures of him with it. I've actually been putting it in his crib at night and when I go check on him before I go to bed, he's usually sleeping with it under his arm. He loves that bear!


  1. That black bean recipe looks SO yummy. I think I'll need to put it on our menu for next week. Hmm.

    Your pictures of Judah are so sweet. What a cute little man.

    Being preggo, anything you accomplish on your list is an accomplishment. Every time I was pregnant I had such a hard time motivating myself to get stuff done. I felt tired and icky all the time. So WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. that bear is so cute! and Judah, too ;) But seriously, I love those pics, and I love your boy so much! He has good taste in bears!


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