Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sleeping in the highchair and BEST banana bread

This morning we had my cousin over and her 5 week old baby boy. She lives about an hour away and we don't get together much but, I think we are going on work on changing that! We had such a great time and it was so nice to see her.

Judah was actually way more interested in her little baby than I thought he would be. He wanted to touch his face, he was interested in his feet and he wanted to play with his little car seat. It was fun to see that he actually is interested in babies. When we have our little baby, he is most likely going to be all over the baby and I'll have to constantly tell him to be gentle.

I made some banana bread for our visit this morning and I used a new recipe. I must say, I think this is the best recipe ever. It was so stink'n good. I say "was" because it is almost completely gone. I haven't had lunch, I've just been eating banana bread all morning.
Anyway, it was easy, it's delicious and the recipe is here. It says to let it bake 55-60 mintues but, mine was done at about 48 minutes. Also, I put a little more salt in it than it calls for. I think the sweetness of the banana and a little salty flavor is so good! Not healthy though......

After they left, I put Judah in his highchair and I was giving him pieces of a sandwich while chatting on the phone with Sally. I looked over and he had fallen asleep in his highchair. It was too cute to not take a picture of. It's just a cell phone picture but, so funny!

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  1. Gracie occasionally still conks out like that. Not too often, but I love it. Usually she's in my arms when she does and I'm not able to get a picture. Love this one!


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