Monday, April 19, 2010

15 Months

Happy 15 months to my sweet boy! What you're up to these days:
*In the last couple of weeks, you have officially become a walker. You were a really fast crawler and you weren't in a hurry to walk but, now you are walking around really well.
*You still can't stand up without putting your hand onto something for balance so, if you fall down, you crawl over to something and get back up again.
*You wear a size 5 diaper and size 2T for clothes.
*You wear a size 6 shoe.
*I'm not sure how much you weigh but, I'll weigh you soon. I know you are very heavy though!
*You are in bed at 8pm. You usually move around for a couple of minutes and then you gather your favorite blanket up under you and you fall asleep with it. You sleep all night long and wake up around 7am, today you slept until 7:45am.
*You take one nap at day at 1pm. You usually nap for about 2hrs.
*You recently went through a phase where you didn't want to eat very much. That phase has passed and you are back to being a great eater. Some of your favorites are toast, oranges, bananas, noodles, broccoli, yogurt and graham crackers.

*You are a very happy boy but, you don't really love being in the church nursery lately. You are going through a bit of a mommy's boy phase.
*You love to play outside and you love our dogs.
*Everyday you are such a joy and I am amazed by you everyday.


  1. You are going to be SO thankful when Baby #s arrives that you did this for J. I wish I had blogged when D. was a baby.

  2. So Cute :) I do a little journal like this every month for my little boy. My guys only 4 1/2 months... hes growing up way to fast!

  3. Yay, happy 15 months:) 15 months is the beginning of my absolute favorite age. Things get a little easier as they are sleeping better and becoming a little independant plus they are learning new things every single day. I always got an itch for another one when they were that age. But you ahead of me:)

  4. Hi...
    I enjoyed how you wrote this to Judah.

    Yes, he is a joy!

    Love, Mom


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