Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday

This weekend it wasn't me that got to go off and do a little bargain shopping all alone. No, it wasn't me that needed some time alone so badly that we agreed that it would be best if I went and had some "me" time. It wasn't me that went through the coffee stand and then hit the road and said "YIPPY!!!" quite loudly to myself. It wasn't me that sang a little song out loud in the car about how happy I was that I was going to be able to go to the bathroom all alone at the stores and as many times as I needed to!

It wasn't me that saw the cutest little Seahawk girlie outfit in Target on the clearance rack (No, I didn't buy it). It's Not Me! that will have a serious shopping problem if we find out that we're having a girl. It's Not Me! that has the 20 week ultrasound scheduled for exactly 30 days from today. It isn't me that is super excited to find out if this sweet little baby is a boy or girl!


  1. So glad that you got to have a little time away to yourself. And you are right, it is SO much harder to control shopping urges when you have a little girl. I know (x2)!!

  2. I know and love that feeling of being out and about on your own, doing something you actually wanna do and it feels so good! Go you :)
    p.s. I love that baby in your tummy already :)


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