Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random weekend stuff

Yesterday was such a fun and busy day. The day started with me getting up early and heading out alone to do a major grocery shopping. I needed to go to Winco and get a bunch of stuff. I figured I might be able to concentrate a little more and have a little more fun if I just headed out by myself. These days I'm already having to use the bathroom WAY more than normal and doing the public bathroom thing with Judah isn't on the top of my favorites list. I actually looked at the clock the other night every time I got up to go and I was getting up every 2.5 hours. That is crazy!

When I got home, my awesome nephew came over to spend the rest of the day with us while his parents went to a wedding. He was so good the whole time and we all had fun together. It was really nice to have Jeremiah home while Noah was here with us because it gave me an extra set of hands and eyes to help with the boys.

After the wedding, my sister and her husband stayed for dinner. We had hard shell tacos and they were so good. If something tastes good, it tastes extra, extra good lately. After dinner, we made homemade ice cream. We have this Donvier ice cream maker and the lady that gave it to us for a wedding present said that it works amazing.

Well, I don't know what we did wrong but, I ended up serving ice cream soup for dessert. The flavor was great but, it never got thick enough. We will just need to practice again and see if we can master this thing. After dinner, we played a really fun board game together. The boys played together well almost the entire time and let us play our game.

During the night last night, Judah woke up coughing horribly. He sounds like he's barking when he coughs and I hope he gets over this really fast. I have MOPS on Tuesday and I don't want to miss it. He really never wakes up during the night so, it was rough that he did. I'm one of those moms who needs her sleep and he needs his sleep too. That's pretty much the only thing I don't love about having a newborn, the lack of sleep at first. I'm not looking forward to that at all but, I survived once and I'm sure I'll survive again.

Since Judah is sick, we all stayed home from church today. We went for a little family drive this morning and then we got some stuff done outside. Well, this is the end of my random weekend rambling. If you read all of this, congratulations. This blog is meant to be more of a journal so, if these long and wordy posts get a little boring, feel free to check out. :)

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  1. Sorry Judah is sick. I hope he's better by tomorrow so you guys will be at MOPS.


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