Sunday, April 4, 2010

This Easter vs. Last Easter

Happy Easter! Today has been such a nice day. I've been thinking a lot about how this Easter is different than last year. To me, it's fun to compare them and see all that can change in a year.

Last year, Jeremiah was still managing at the golf course and worked every Sunday. He was able to go to the beginning of the church service with us but, then he had to leave and work the rest of the day. This year, he no longer works at the golf course and we are blessed that he has a job where he has every weekend off! We were able to spend the entire day together as a family!

Last year, Judah was 2.5 months old. He started crying when we walked into church because of all the chaos/noise/people. I was able to walk him around before church started and get him to sleep. He slept through the entire service and that was great. This year, Judah is 14.5 months old. When we got to church, he was excited to see Sally, Ben, Noah and Grandma. He danced in my lap to the songs and whenever it got quite, he started saying "Hi" very, very loudly. After the songs were over, I took him to the nursery and he didn't cry when I left. However, he was balling when I came to pick him up. I guess he had gotten his hair pulled a few minutes before that and he was very sad. Besides, it was almost lunch time and nap time and the boy needs his food and sleep!

Last year, I didn't have any regular clothes that fit me and I had to wear my maternity clothes to church. I remember being very bummed out about this and wanting to feel pretty and wear a cute Easter outfit. This year, I am 12 weeks pregnant but, regular clothes still fit! Yes, I finally got to put all those maternity clothes away but, I'm sure I'll be bringing them back out soon. It was fun to be able to wear a pretty dress today that was not maternity and to feel good about how I looked.

Last year, I spent Easter afternoon with Ben, Sally, Noah and Ben's family. They had a big get together at his Grandpa's and it was nice to be able to join them since Jeremiah was working. At that point, Judah was taking a nap every 1.5 hours so, he slept a lot of the day. Ben's family is great and I had so much fun. I really wished Jeremiah was with us though and not working. This year, we spent Easter afternoon at home as a family. My extended family is very small and no big plans were made so, we just had a nice day together. Next year, we want to plan a nice lunch and have friends and family over for an Easter egg hunt and a time to just hang out.

Both years were so special in their own ways. I don't think I could say that one is better than the other. I've been thinking about what next Easter will be like. Judah will be old enough to enjoy the Easter egg hunt. We will also have a little baby so, we'll be carrying that baby with us as we search for eggs. If we have a boy, he and Judah can wear matching Easter outfits! If we have a girl, I will be thrilled to go out and find her a pretty Easter dress.

Thank you Jesus for pouring out your love to us, dieing on the cross for us and then rising for us!

Here are some pictures from last year, pictures from this year will be posted soon!

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  1. wow, those pictures bring tears to my eyes! It is so amazing how quickly our lives change, and yet last Easter is still so fresh in my memory. Each year brings new joys and memories with it! I love that middle pic where it looks like Noah is cuddling up to Judah, but really he couldn't sit up on his own so he needed Judah for support :)


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