Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting caught up: 1st Movements, Grandma's Passing & Mother's Day

I feel like I've fallen so far behind on blogging. Now, it's naptime and what better place to get caught up than sitting out on my deck in the sunshine? Well, I love it out here in the sun and I'm going to try and get caught up a little. The only problem is that the sun is shining on my computer screen and I can barely see what I'm typing so, if this post is filled with typos, sorry!

Last Wednesday (5/5/10), I was sitting on the couch reading my darling nephew a book and I felt our little baby moving around for the first time. I was 16 weeks 4 days and the funny thing is that I was also 16 weeks 4 days when I felt Judah move for the first time. Everyday since then, I have felt a little more movement from this cute little baby. For me, when I start feeling the baby wiggle around, it makes the whole pregnancy experience seem so much more real. It gives me more of a connection to this baby.I loved when I was pregnant with Judah and I could see a whole elbow move across my stomach.

Early Saturday morning, I got a call from my mom. She said that Grandma had gone to be with Jesus earlier that morning. It was one of those phone calls that doesn't really seem real. It felt like I was in a dream almost. Grandma had been going down hill very quickly recently and she was in pain. She no longer wanted to be here on earth but, she wanted to be in Heaven with Jesus. Her mom died when she was 6 and she wanted to be with her mom. Grandma was an amazing, strong, positive woman. She never wanted to be in a nursing home or loose her independence. I'm so thankful that she was able to live on her own, in her apartment until she went to Heaven. She was even able to drive (during the day, locally), until about 2 weeks ago. She was full of life and she lived life to the fullest.

Now that she is gone, my mom, sister and I have alot to do. We need to empty her apartment and have it clean by the end of May. We started working on it yesterday and it's emotionally and physically exhausting. Jeremiah was working so, I had Judah with me while we were going through her things. I thought that it might be really hard to get anything done with him there. You know, a 16 month old doesn't want to keep things organized or in the correct pile! He was such a good boy though and I couldn't have been more proud of him.

I can't stand having alot of "stuff" in my home so, as I bring things from Grandma's home back here, I feel like I have alot of sorting to do. It seems like in the next couple months, I have so much to do. We need to prepare for the garage sale, I want to completely go through our house and sell or donate anything we don't use and I also need to find "homes" for all the things I'm bringing home from Grandma's. step at a time!


Sunday was Mother's Day and it was such a wonderful day. We went to church as a family, came home and we all napped and then we had a great picnic at a local state park. Going on picnics with my family is one of my favorite things to do. I love eating outside, by the water and just hanging out. We brought Judah's stroller and after we ate, he had the greatest time pushing his stroller around. When he'd get going really fast, he started giggling and it was so cute. I hope we can do lots of picnics at parks this summer.

Well, now I'm caught up. The sun still feels great, I still can't see my computer screen, the nice neighbor cat is sitting by me and tomorrow is my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me. Hopefully 26 will be a great year!

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