Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday thoughts

Today started out busy. I was planning on having a friend and her little girl come over for a play date at 10am. I got up, cleaned the house, made scones, got myself and Judah cleaned up and made a fresh pot of coffee. It was busy but, I love having company so, it's totally worth it. Having moms and kids in my home makes me so happy even if I do run around before hand and try to make everything look "nice".

My internet wasn't working so, I didn't get the message until 10:30 that they weren't going to be able to make it. I was a little bummed at first but, I totally understand. Her daughter didn't sleep last night and I know that if Judah hadn't slept all night, we wouldn't be going anywhere either!

My first thought was, "ok, who can I call now?" I have a clean house, yummy coffee and scones and I have makeup on. These things never happen before 10am! I texted my sister but, it wasn't going to work out for them to come out.

So, Judah and I took a few scones across the street to our neighbor's and headed into town to get some groceries. While I was at the store, I was thrilled to talk to one of my favorite "checkers". She had shared with me awhile back that she had a miscarriage and they really wanted to have another baby (they have a 4 year old girl). Today I found out that she is pregnant and due the day before me!!! We even have the same midwife and they are scheduled to find out the gender of their baby the day after we find out ours.

Talking to her made my day. For some women, the road to becoming a mother is a very long road. For other women, it doesn't even happen. I absolutely love when I've prayed for someone and then I find out that they are experiencing a healthy pregnancy. There is hope for women out there that are waiting, sometimes it just takes a long time.


  1. Angela - fresh scones???... goodness give me a call next time ;)... My road to babies was not an easy one... thank you for praying those gals out there! I am glad your morning turned out well even though it wasn't what you had expected!

  2. Isn't God good!! I'm sorry that your morning held disappointment, but how wonderful that it also held such exciting news too, news you might not have heard if your day's plans hadn't changed at the last minute!

  3. Hey next time you have scones and a fresh pot of coffee keep in mind I'm only a facebook message away;) That is so encouraging to hear about your friend being pregnant:)


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