Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playing at the new park

Over the last week, a new playground has been built in our community. It has been such an amazing project because the playground was completely built by local volunteers. They built the entire thing in about 5 days and it is huge and wonderful! It's only 10 minutes from our house and I know we'll be spending alot of time there. We drive a pretty good distance for church, stores, anything so, I'm really happy to have something wonderful like this so close.

Sunday evening was the grand opening celebration with a BBQ for the community and all the kids got to run in and play for the first time. Yesterday, they had the inspection and then today was the first day that it was open for playing. After Judah got up from his nap, we headed to meet Sally & Noah there and we had a blast.
On a different note, today was the last MOPS for this year. We'll have lots of fun activities during the summer but, I'm really going to miss it. When MOPS starts again in September, I'll be a DGL and I'll be 8 months pregnant. It'll be different but, I'm sure it'll be a whole new set of blessings also.
Ok, time to watch our shows with my husband. We have the Celebrity Apprentice finale to watch and I love that show!

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  1. The new park looks wonderful. I keep thinking that I need to take the kids.

    I am SO incredibly excited that you are going to be a DGL next year. I am disappointed that I won't get in on the DGL meetings. I hope that I am lucky enough to be in either yours or Julie's group!


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