Sunday, May 30, 2010

Present for baby from Grandma Dotti

A couple weeks before my Grandma passed away, we had a long phone conversation and talked about how excited we were to find out the gender of this baby. We made a plan that when we found out, I would go pick her up and we would take her special jar of change that she had been saving and we would go buy the baby a present at Nordstrom. My Grandma had classy taste and she loved, loved, loved Nordstrom. She had been saving all her change in a cute tin can for awhile and it was for vacation play money but, she decided when we were on the phone that day that she wanted to buy a present for the baby with it instead.

Well, this morning I started thinking that today would be a fun day for us to take the change and head out to get our new girl a present from her Great Grandma. My first thought was that we were going to Target. I go to Target alot and it just came naturally to think of going there. Then I got tears in my eyes and told my husband that we needed to all make the hour drive and head to Nordstrom. That was the plan my Grandma and I had made and we needed to stick with it.

I got the change out and started counting it. I don't know why I did that because we were going to take it to Coin Star and they count it for you. I'm glad I went through it though because in between all the quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies was this special coin that simply has an angel on it. I don't know the story behind this angel but, I do know that it is very special to me now.

We headed to the mall and had a wonderful time picking out a couple things for the new baby. Jeremiah pushed Judah around in his stroller and I had a blast looking at all the cute girl stuff. It was hard to find anything that isn't for summer but, I found these two adorable little items. I can't wait to see our girl wear these and it'll be so special to always know that her Great Grandma bought them for her.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about this! And that gingerbread sweater is absolutely adorable. Love it. Your little redhead or blonde baby girl will be just perfect in it. What a neat story :)

  2. I know Grandma Dotti would be so very happy with what you found for your little girl. And I can just see her smiling about your finding the "angel coin".
    Thanks so much for quickly sharing your blessings with us.
    Love, Mom

  3. Precious memory. Precious gift. Your little angel is going to look beautiful in those tiny little girly clothes!

  4. That is really touching that you found the angel coin. How special. Can you make that into a necklace or something?

    And in response to your other post about finding out she's a girl. After 4 girls we were totally crying and jumping up and down to find out we were having a boy. If Brayden wasn't a boy we were going to adopt one. I felt kind of guilty too, but I'm just so thankful now. I'm thankful for all of my girls and my boy:)


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