Monday, June 14, 2010

1st time to the Dentist

This morning, I took Judah to the Dentist for the first time. I've understood that the child is supposed to have their first visit around their 1st Birthday and seeing that he's almost 17 months, it was time for us to go!

We went to a great Pediatric Dentist office and they were so nice. There was a TV in the waiting room with a fun movie playing and a great toy area. Judah wanted to walk around the waiting room and say "hi" to everyone. It started becoming pretty embarrassing when he started saying "Daddy" to every man he saw. I was like "yes, YOUR Daddy will be home after work". All the "daddy" talk was making it sound like he hadn't seen his Daddy in at least a week. How silly! He also was walking around saying "Potty" very loudly, again and again. Oh my, I laugh as I type that. He's been saying "potty" randomly lately. He has said it for a long time when we are actually in the bathroom but, now he is just saying it a different times. I'm starting to wonder if he's saying it when he just went in his diaper. I might just get a potty chair and start sitting him on it when he randomly says it. No pressure for him to potty train (he's so young) but, I want to see why he's saying "potty" sometimes.

Anyway, the appointment went well. He was happy and friendly except for when he was leaned back in my lap and they were putting the fluoride on his teeth. They gave him a red balloon afterwards and he was excited about that. As I was buckling him into his carseat, I mistakenly let the balloon go and it went up in a tree. Oh, I felt bad. Bad Mommy! If he was older, I think we would've been making a stop to get a new balloon on the way home but, he forgot about the balloon today in 2 minutes.

Well, it's naptime and I need to finish uploading pictures to Snapfish. They have a special going where if you buy $5 in photo gifts, you get 100 free prints. I haven't printed off pictures in a while so, this is perfect for me.


  1. I hope you are printing off some of those cute black bean photos from your previous post!

  2. By the way, glad you could relate to my "stuff" post. Sometimes it feels like things are caving in. Keep me posted on how your third bedroom is coming. I love before and after pictures. Hint. Hint.

  3. Did you go to the one in Mt. Vernon? I hadn't been to a pediatric dentist before, only the regular kind, and was so happy to have switched before taking Brayden and Ruby for their first appointments (that's right Ruby is 4 so never feel bad about waiting past 1!) They loved it and are excited to go back and I call that success:) Glad it went well for you too.

  4. I've read another interesting post about Mommy and son or daughter first time in the dentist's office. I'm glad this is a success story. Unlike my sister's story about my niece, the latter cried when the dentist had her teeth checked. Thankfully, they've chosen one of the best dentists in Aiken SC who knows how to handle a kid during dental visits.

    Thanks for sharing, Angela! It's so inspiring!


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