Wednesday, June 2, 2010

21 reasons why I like the 2nd trimester

Well, I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant and as I was making lunch today, I started thinking about how the 2nd trimester is really the best one.

21 reasons why I like the 2nd trimester:

1. I'm not throwing up anymore.
2. I only wake up to pee once a night and I can go right back to sleep.
3. I sleep comfortably and I can still move from side to side without hurting!
4. I'm not so big that I feel like ticking time bomb.
5. I can feel the baby move.
6. I don't have any NEW stretch marks yet. Notice I said "new". I think I got more with Judah than some mother's who have twins get. Maybe I won't get any this time? A girl can only hope...
7. I still go see my midwife only every 4 weeks. I love her but, having less appointments is nice.
8. I can move around comfortably.
9. I'm still comfortable enough to sometimes forget I'm pregnant.
10. In the 2nd trimester, you find out the gender of your baby. That's fun.
11. I have way more energy than I did in the 1st trimester.
12. I still have time to clean out our 3rd bedroom and organize it.
13. Judah loves my tummy. He always lifts my shirt and hugs it. Cute at home, embarrassing in the grocery store.
14. We don't have a baby name yet and we have enough time that I'm not stressed about it.
15. My hands and feet aren't swollen.
16. I can still bend over and tie my shoes without loosing circulation and turning blue in the face.
17. I'm past the half way mark now.
18. I can still cross my legs when I sit.
19. I'm not peeing 100x a day yet.
20. I can start thinking about cute baby girl room ideas!
21. Every week that goes by is exciting because we are that much closer to meeting this sweet girl!

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  1. Yes, there is something so special about your little ones having a personal drawer in the kitchen. Great photos!

    Love, Mom


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