Monday, June 21, 2010

Grandma Dotti's "Going Home" Service

My Grandma's memorial service was yesterday and it was wonderful. She wanted it to be a celebration of her life and I think she would've been very proud of her "going home" party. I feel like a horrible blogger because I forgot to bring my camera to the service and there were some great moments to take pictures. I'll just have to write down some highlights of the special time.

Before Grandma died, she put aside a few special cards and scriptures and marked that she wanted them read at her service. One of the cards was something that I had sent her last Grandparent's Day. When I sent her that card, I never imagined that she would want me to share it at her service. Another thing that she wanted shared was a letter that my cousin had written to her. I think he was in high school when he wrote it and it described what an amazing person he thought she was. This was so special to me because there aren't alot of high school boys that will share their heart on paper and tell their elderly Aunt what an amazing woman she is.

My Grandma's brother was a pastor before he retired and she requested that he would share the Gospel at her service and that he would give an opportunity for anyone that hasn't asked Jesus into their heart, to do so. I hadn't heard him preach in so long and I don't think I ever realized what an amazing preacher he is until yesterday. If I wasn't already saved, I would've gotten saved yesterday. He preached simply from his heart and he quoted scripture over and over and so accurately. It was an amazing thing that she had written a note saying that she wanted him to preach and it was so powerful to listen to him share about Jesus.

After the service, we all stepped outside and released helium filled balloons. It was so beautiful to let them go in her honor and watch them quickly float into the sky. There were many yellow, pink and green ones but, there was only one red one. There is something special about red balloons and as we let the balloons go, the red one went high into the sky way ahead of the rest. It was special to see the red balloon leading the way for the others. I really wish I would've had my camera to capture that moment.

Another highlight of the service was all the music. Sally & Ben sang a beautiful collaboration of songs, we all sang a few good hymns and a quartet from my Grandma's old church also sang. My Grandma loved music and I know she would've loved all the music at her service. After the service was over, a CD played with some of her favorite jazz, some Charlie Brown music that she loved and some of her other favorites.

I feel like a memorial service can either be a really sad and hard time or it can be a celebration of someone's life. Yesterday was truly a celebration and I think it really honored my Grandma and reflected the kind of person she was.


  1. I totally forgot to draw for the winner of the hymn CD I was giving away and you are the WINNER!
    email me your address!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate your grandma's life. I love the idea of the balloon idea!

  3. Dear Angela...although it has been many months since Grandma Dotti's memorial service, I just now want to tell you how much I appreciate the way you took the time to write this.
    I love you, Mom


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