Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation to Moses Lake

This last weekend we went on a mini vacation to Moses Lake to attend my cousin's wedding. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. It was held at a beautiful location in the country, there was a caterer that served delicious BBQ, a live band, an open bar (no drinks for me though), the setting was just gorgeous and the atmosphere was great.

The bridal party walked down a stone pathway on the way to the place where the ceremony took place. Here's a picture of the bride and groom cutting the cake.
Below is a family picture of us. I don't like this picture of me at all but, Jeremiah looks great!
Back at the hotel, we had a great time playing in the pool. Judah hadn't been in a big pool like this before and he was a little timid but, I think he had a good time.

There were a couple things I learned on this little vacation.

#1. Judah is a great traveler in the car. He has this weird thing were he won't sleep more than 30 minutes in the car. It started when he was about 3 months and it's always been that way. His eyes pop open after 30 minutes. When he's sleeping in his crib, I hear him stir at 30 minutes but, most of the time he just goes back to sleep without a fuss. I think it has to do with when he changes sleep cycles. So, the bottom line is that I can't ever rely on a car nap to be a good nap. I really like to be home for naps so, I know that he'll get enough sleep.

Even though he only napped for 30 minutes on the way there, he was a great traveler. We only made one stop and no tears were shed. One the way home, he took a short nap also and then he was happy as a clam the rest of the way, also with only one stop. I'm so thankful that we had a happy car ride!

#2. Sleeping in a hotel with a 17 month old is HARD. At least it is for our family. Judah is used to sleeping in his own bed, in his room and sleeping in a hotel ( I mean, being awake almost all night long) was difficult. We brought his play pen with us and put him to bed in it. Around 3am, he woke up crying. I picked him up, started bouncing him to try and get him to go right back to sleep and I couldn't get him to sleep. I haven't bounced him to sleep in awhile and it just wasn't working. So, I tried bringing him to bed with us, he's never slept in our bed before and he couldn't fall asleep. I tried putting him back in his play pen awake but, he stood and cried "mommy, daddy" and he could see us right there (only 1 room), and I couldn't let him cry for us when he can clearly see us. Jeremiah finally bounced him back to sleep around 5:30am but, at 6am, he woke back up. We decided to just start our day then so, we went down and had the hotel's breakfast and coffee and we survived.

I love going on vacations and now I know we need to figure out this hotel sleeping thing. He's a perfect sleeper at home, we just need to learn how to make sleeping in a hotel work. I think it was easier when I could just nurse him back to sleep and he just layed in the play pen but, those days are over.

At home, last night I put him to bed early and he slept over 12 hours straight. I made the smart choice of going to bed shortly after him and I got about 11 hours. So, we are definetly getting caught up on our sleep.

Overall, it was a very fun little vacation!


  1. Angela -
    Goodness - being away and sleeping in one room is tricky... wait until you add ANOTHER child to the mix! I had to laugh a few weekends ago we stayed in a hotel in Ea WA and when we opened the door to the room and walked in Makenna says to me... "Oh this is nice... where is my room?" I laughed at her and said "This is OUR room!"... Brian and I have found that usually it takes at least one night for the kid(s) to get used to the idea that we all sleep in the same room... the thing is... they never get as much sleep as you would in your own bed... I think that is true for anyone... even adults. I remember when Wyatt was a baby... we also never had him in our bed when he was a baby and I almost always put him to awake (except when he was really young)... He would scream in hotels... Makenna too. We took a road trip to CA when Wyatt was 3 1/2 and Makenna was 15 months... after the first night (which was sleepless for most of us except for maybe Wyatt... she slept a lot better. It is tricky... the one room thing when they are not used to it. Gone are those hotel days when you could lay there with your honey and watch fun shows ... the lights go out at 8pm and everyone goes to sleep. Amanda and Josh Brooks used to sit in the bathroom and play cards... or just outside thier door. You find what works and go with it. Glad you had fun tough... you gotta rool with it when you travel with kiddos!

  2. We just went through this too. You feel so crabby when you have been up all night with your little one, especially when it isn't because they were sick, just not settling down because everything is different. We finally splurged (it was $10 more) one of the nights on the way home and got a suite so the kids all had one room. It was also at the very end of the hall so it minimized disturbing other guests. The other guests thing has always been the hardest thing for me, I don't want to bother other people.


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