Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Antique Photo

We just got our pictures back from a local Antique Photo fundraiser. They turned out way better than I expected. If we had endless money, we would've bought ever single picture that they took.

This one is my favorite. It's really hard to see how cute it is because, I took a picture of the framed picture. So, it doesn't do it justice. I just love this picture and I can't wait to frame the other one and get them on our wall.


  1. gosh, that really is the best picture of Judah ever! you'll have that forever, how special!

  2. How sweet! He looks like such a big kid. Can you believe how quickly they grow?!

  3. His pictures did turn out so very adorable! I hope you will do it again when we do it in the spring. And this time you have advance notice so you can set aside an "Antiquities" jar and save money so you can buy all of the pictures! Hee hee

  4. So precious! I would love to have something done like that with my kids. Maybe one day?!

    Have a great weekend!


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