Monday, July 26, 2010

Quiet Mornings

I love quiet mornings. When I used to work, before I had Judah, I would be up early and get to see the sunrise sometimes. Since Judah has been here, he's kind of been my alarm clock and that's ok. I like the times when I'm up before him though, the house is silent and I feel like I can get my head straight before the day starts.

This morning, I can just hear the birds chirping and his fan going across the baby monitor. I'm drinking my coffee, eating my oatmeal and it's so nice. We've had a very busy weekend so, we've gotten him to bed WAY too late two nights in a row and that's why he's still sleeping.

We found our new car on Saturday and I love it! It's everything we wanted and it was a great deal. Now, we can comfortably seat 7, not squish in 4. It's weird to have that much space but, I think it's going to really grow on me.

Well, I don't have too many important things to say. I just wanted to mention how much I like quiet mornings. Maybe this will inspire me to start getting up a little earlier and having some time to myself before the day begins.
I don't know though....I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I like my sleep! :)

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