Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hanging outside after dinner

Tonight after dinner, we went outside to hangout and enjoy the nice evening. The weather has been perfect. It's cloudy and cool in the morning and then sunny and in the 70's in the afternoon. For me, that's perfect weather.

While we were out, Jeremiah and I took a few pictures of Judah. This little boy keeps me on my toes and he makes my heart melt everyday.

This picture is so precious to me. Judah reached out to grab Daddy's hand while they were walking.

Lastly, today I'm 29 weeks pregnant. Jeremiah took a couple pictures of my tummy for me. I'm not a huge fan of having my picture taken but, I think it's good to have pregnancy pictures to look back on. The flowers in the picture are from our hydrangea bush. I'd just picked them to bring inside for the table.


  1. You look beautiful. I regret not having more pregnancy photos during any/all of my pregnancies. You'll be thankful for them.

  2. beautiful pictures! love the holding hands one so much, and good for you for taking a belly pic! it's a really good one :)


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