Friday, August 27, 2010

Moment to remember

Judah and I have been counting to ten together and he really loves it. We'll be driving in the car or in the grocery store and he'll just randomly start saying different numbers. When we get up to ten, he gets excited and claps his hands.

When he starts on his own he usually starts at three but, he says "free". Four sounds like "foooo". Seven sounds like "seedee" and then he has eight down perfectly. He loves to say "eight"!

Tonight when I put him to bed, he didn't seem especially tired. I just sat down and I heard him counting over the monitor. He little voice could NOT be any sweeter.

Free, Fo, Five, Six, Seedee, Eight, Nine, Ten!


  1. He can count already? He is so smart!! You go, Judah!
    It's so sweet that he counts himself to sleep :-) Adorable!

  2. That is just too precious. I love hearing little kids trying to talk. My kids are in High School and College now but I can still hear them when they were little. I bet your little boy really made you smile that night. Your post made me smile.

    Anne @


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