Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The nice lady at Costco

About once a month, I do a huge grocery shopping trip. I usually hit Winco and Costco and try to get most of what we'll need for an entire month. Today, my goal was to get this big shopping trip done, be home before noon, give Judah lunch, get him down for his nap and then unload the car.
I love getting all the errands done in the morning because the stores are way less crowded and when I get home, I can give him lunch and then unload the car while he sleeps.

This morning went well and we were home at 11:5o so, I was happy. The highlight of my morning was meeting the nicest elderly lady in the Costco parking lot. She was parked in a handicapped parking space and as she finished unloading her cart, I walked up to her and said that we'd use her cart. She started talking with me about Judah and how kids grow up so fast. Then she said that she wanted to look in her car and see if she had any cookies to give to Judah. I told her that wasn't necessary but, that she could if she wanted to.

She went to the truck and then threw me a whole bag of un-opened Teddy Graham's. She insisted that he should have them so, he snacked on them as we walked around the store.

It's such a blessing to meet nice people when we're out and about. Even though what she did was a simple thing, it really made me smile.


  1. How sweet! It's the simple things - what an inspiration.
    Good for you, getting all your grocery shopping done in one morning, with a toddler. You go, girl!

  2. How fun! I bet J loved the treat. I imagine it made it a whole lot easier for you to get through your list, too! I don't go to Costco without Eric anymore. I used to, even with two, but by the time Gracie arrived it was too difficult (and dangerous) to keep track of everybody.

    God is so good to bless us with encouraging encounters. I'm glad you had one today!

  3. I found your blog on blogfrog. It is a good thing when we have experiences like this. It restores my hope for the human race.

  4. Rosey, I totally agree. I'm always so "on guard" when I'm out in public, especially when I have Judah with me. Little experiances like this help me remember that while it's good to be cautious, not everyone is bad!

  5. Angela...thanks for sharing this wonderful story! What a blessing to brighten your day (and hers, too)


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