Monday, August 23, 2010

When you're pregnant....

It's funny when.......

You flop over in the middle of the night from one side to the other and think (in your sleep) about how you're really getting good at this flopping thing.

You look at the things on the floor and really contemplate if it's worth it to pick them up.

You actually wonder if rich people hire someone to bend over for them, while they're pregnant.

You actually say "Thank you Jesus" out loud when you pull on your favorite comfy pants because they still go over your butt. Of course, they don't go over your tummy but, over your rear is nice.

You like to sit at home with your shirt up so, you have a better view of your tummy shifting from one side to the other.

You have to pee so often that you joke with your husband about pulling over at a strangers house and asking to use the bathroom. ***I'd never do this but, I can't say I haven't thought about it.

It's NOT funny when:
The medical assistant at your son's Doctor says " looks like you're having twins or something!"

It's nice when:
Your midwife says that everything is right on track and your baby is just the right size for who she is.


  1. You make me smile and remember so much about my pregnancies. I wish I had written down these kinds of thoughts when I was pregnant.


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