Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rosie gets a bath and the blueberry face

The other day, we gave Rosie a much needed bath. Before we had Judah, she got a lot more attention, she wasn't outside as much with Fritz as she is now, and she was always pretty clean. So, we brought her in, filled up the bathtub and Jeremiah gave her a good scrub down.

Afterwards, Rosie and Jeremiah were sitting in the chair and Judah decided to hop up there with them. The quality of this photo is awful but, it shows how Judah was trying to put his leg over Rosie. He just loves his dogs!

Lately, besides getting caught up on loose ends, like giving the dog a bath, we've been going for walks outside and Judah loves eating the berries that grow along the road. His face and hands get all purple and it makes him smile. Yes, his diapers are purple, too. I say that we have "seasonal diapers" at our house.


  1. Gracie would LOVE it if I got her a dog. Sometimes I wish we had one before kids so that we wouldn't be adding it to the dynamic later. Love the photos.

  2. Well, Gracie is always welcome to come over and visit our dogs. Having a dog is fun but, it's also so much harder to go on vacation!

  3. Oh, I love it! Picking berries along the walk is so much fun - I think your berry 'season' is hilarious!! :) And so true! Yup, and isn't a dog a toddler's best friend! Rosie such a good girl!
    My, is it just me, or has Judah done a lot of 'growing up' over the last couple of weeks? Especially in the berry pictures...

  4. Nathalie, I feel like he has done alot of growing up recently. It's so bitter-sweet!


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