Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 19th

Today is the 19th and that makes me 2 days over due. I actually feel pretty comfortable but, I just keep wondering when little baby will be ready to come out. I have a friend that is 31 weeks pregnant and her water just broke and her baby will be spending a couple months in the NICU when it arrives. It really puts things into prospective for me. I would so rather be over-due and have a fat and happy baby than have a baby that's 9 weeks early. Please..... say a prayer for that girl and her family, it must be so scary to know you're about to deliver a baby so early.

This was us exactly 21 months ago. Yep, Judah is 21 months today. Maybe this little one will decide that the 19th is a good day, like her big brother did. Obviously, I'm white as a ghost in this picture but, who really has color in their face after pushing out a big baby without any meds? I just remember this moment so well and it was perfect.

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  1. how fun :) my little boy will be 17 months when I am due... its gonna be crazy but so much fun!


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