Thursday, October 14, 2010

A big fuss, most likely over nothing

Over the last month, when I've gone to see my midwife, my tummy hasn't been growing at the normal rate. It actually measured about the same size for 3 weeks. So, last Wednesday, I went for an ultrasound to see how baby is doing. She measured really tiny, in the 5th percentile and about 6lb. This alarmed my midwife (and me!) so, they sent me for a non-stress test at the hospital. She passed the NST with flying colors. My midwife said that she wanted me to closely pay attention to baby's movements to make sure they don't decrease and then come back for another NST on Saturday.

I went home and I was really scared, confused and nervous. I didn't understand why she would be small. I've had a really healthy pregnancy, Judah was huge when he was born, I was a normal size when I was born and it just didn't make sense. I started praying for little girl and I know other people were praying as well.

Saturday I went for the next NST and she did great. They want to see the baby's heart rate increase when she moves around and she was moving a ton and her heart rate did fabulously.
Monday they had me come in for another ultrasound and another NST. The ultrasound turned out better that time. She measured in the 33 percentile and about 7lb. Good news but, still confusing as to why she was so small just 5 days prior.

Wednesday (yesterday) they had me come in for another NST and another ultrasound. Of course, the NST went great and the ultrasound went really well also. She measured 8lb, 4oz and in the 65th percentile. The 3 midwives I see are totally confused. They are happy that she seems like a normal, healthy baby but, it doesn't make sense why she appeared so tiny just one week ago. They even had a radiologist go back over all the images and he said that they were correct. Maybe the 1st ultrasound was wrong or maybe God just put some fat on her bones! Who knows!!

Long story short......I have much more peace of mind now than I did a week ago. Baby is most likely just fine and because we've had 2 ultrasounds lately with good results, I don't need to keep going back in for all those tests. I've heard a lot of stories about how ultrasounds can be very wrong in determining the size of a baby and I really believe that. Even the midwife said that they can be way off. I'm just thankful that they didn't decide to induce me last week when it seemed like baby wasn't growing.

Now, I'm just putting all the worries behind me and I'm excited for this girl to join our family!


  1. We sure can get worried about nothing.. I know how that goes. My prayer is that she will be strong and healthy.

    Anne @

  2. please please please don't let them worry you about baby size. both of my babies "shrunk" between visits, and my first who was at least nine pounds, came out only weighing 6.5.
    your little lady is doing just fine.


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