Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm back!

The last week has been one of the most amazing and hard weeks I think I've ever had. I gave birth to our amazing little girl on Saturday, October 23rd and she is just precious and perfect. I will be blogging all the details about her soon. Then on Sunday, the 24th, a MOPS friend lost one of her amazing daughters to SIDS. It's been so emotional to be experiencing such joy over our new daughter and then such extreme sadness for my friend. When I sit and nurse Paisley at night, I can't stop thinking about the grief this other mom is experiencing and it just makes me cry.

It's also been really emotional to have my attention divided between Judah and Paisley. Jeremiah was home with us all last week so, Judah got used to "Daddy" helping him with everything while mommy takes care of the new baby. It was super helpful to have Jeremiah home but, really emotional for me when Judah started wanting Daddy to do everything with him. I've felt so bad, like he feels I've abandoned him.

It's a new week though! Jeremiah is back at work and Judah is starting to spend good time with me again. I feel like I'm beginning to get into somewhat of a routine with both kids and it feels good. It's amazing how a person can experience such joy and sadness at the same time.

I've thought about blogging a lot lately but, I've felt like I have writers block. I don't know how that could be since I have a 1000 things I could blog about. I think it's just that there have been too many emotions.

It's a new month now and I'm happy to be back. I'm starting to feel a little more like myself and it feels good!


  1. I've been thinking about you in all the highs and lows of this week. My prayer is that you soak in the joy of these precious first moments. Love you and Miss P!

  2. Wow...such a mixture of emotions. I want to say Congrats to you and then I'm saddened by your friends lost. It's a tough spot for you to be in...Just love on your little ones. Congrats.

    Anne @


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