Friday, November 5, 2010

Who she is....

Right now, I like to describe Paisley's personality as spunky. She's obviously not as laid back as Judah and it's ok! Everybody is different. She isn't terribly fussy but, she does get frustrated and when she gets tired, she gets grumpy. She likes to look at our faces and she likes to lay in Judah's crib and listen to us talk while I change his diaper.

The girl needs her rest and sometimes she fights it! During the day, I have her nursing every 2.5-3hrs, then she's awake for a little while and then she gets tired. She has a little bit of a hard time settling into a deep sleep but, once she does, she takes a good nap. I've tried to shorten her awake time to make sure she's not getting over stimulated.

For night time sleep, I think she's doing pretty well! Last night she slept from 8:30pm until 1:30 (5hrs!) and then she was up every couple hours after that. The first night after she was born, she wouldn't settle down to sleep until about 1am. This didn't really surprise me because she was very active in my tummy during the evenings while I was pregnant. Each night since she was born, we've managed to get her down to bed a little earlier so, I'm happy. Judah is in bed by 8pm and we've been getting her to bed right after him and it's working. Soon, it'll probably be earlier but, I feel like we're on track.

Paisley is a great nurser! During the day, I often have to wake her for her feedings but, she's been gaining weight well and she has tons of wet and dirty diapers. I actually can't believe how many newborn diapers we're going through! She was born at 8lb, 8oz and when she was 10 days old, she weighed 8lb, 15oz. She takes her sweet time eating and I remind myself that it'll get faster. Sometimes Judah and I watch Barney or Mickey Mouse while I feed her to help keep him occupied. Other times I read him books or he just plays, doing his own thing.

How Judah is doing
Judah loves Paisley. He is learning how to be gentle and he doesn't really have it figured out yet. Sometimes he touches her really softly, other times, he just grabs her and it's so frustrating. I have to watch him so closely when he's around her because he moves so fast and he just wants to love on her. The bottom line is that he really does seem to like having her in our family and that makes us so happy!

Here they are before church today:


  1. I just love how you are documenting this kind of stuff. I've already forgotten SO much. I wish I could go back and read the details and remember. You will be so grateful later that you took the time!

  2. Wow, you are so good about writing all of this down! Like Cami said!! :) I wish I had done that, too - it's SO easy to forget these things. Way to go, Angela.


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