Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tradition- The Lights of Christmas

Last weekend we headed out to the Lights of Christmas with Judah and Paisley. As a couple, we've been many times before but, this time it almost felt like it was my first time. Seeing Judah's excitement about everything was the highlight of my evening. Of course, the doughnuts were beyond amazing and the lights were incredible but, Judah was so into it and I loved that.

Paisley was warm and cozy in the Moby, she slept almost the entire time.
The next morning when Judah woke up, he went to the door and said "Lights of Christmas???". I think he really wants to go back.
There's a baby under that scarf.....

This picture isn't related to the lights but, I had to post it. My little Sweet Pea has become such a happy and smiley baby lately. I find myself spending so much time just sitting with her and acting like a total goof, just to get these little smiles out of her.

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  1. I remember when we took Daniel when he was about J's age and it was like the first time for me. And that was after working The Lights myself for ten years! I had a whole new appreciation for the event. The delight of a child is something we rarely experience fully ourselves. I can't wait to take Daniel, Mercy, and Gracie this year!

    Love ALL your pictures! And I miss you!


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