Thursday, December 30, 2010

The distorted reality of blogland

Sometimes I think about taking an internet break or at least a facebook/blog reading break. The reason I consider this is because the way life can appear out in blogland or from facebook updates can be so discouraging. I notice that when I read too much stuff online, I can tend to feel a little down. It can make me feel like I'm just not good enough...... My house isn't as clean, I'm not as thin, I'm not as organized, I'm not as fun, or creative or funny and the list could go on and on.

However, I think we all need to remember that people don't usually write about the fight they just had with their husband or the messy tupperware cupboard that no one sees. We (myself included) like to write about the positive things. I need not let all the stuff I read get me down because, it's not the whole picture of reality.

So, in case I've ever made anyone else feel less significant, I'd like to set the record straight with just how imperfect I am!

~I'm not as organized as I wish I was.
~I love being a stay at home mom but, sometimes I miss my old job, a lot.
~My marriage isn't perfect.
~When I'm just home during the day with Judah and Paisley, I often spend the day looking like I just rolled out of bed.
~I don't read my Bible as much as I should or pray enough but, I'm working on it.
~I stress out about little things that don't really matter.
And SO many more things!!!!

On a positive is a picture of a little girl that to me is just perfect!

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