Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy pictures

Lately life has seems complicated. There are just a bunch of little things that are going on that make things seem hard. One of which is our two dogs that have decided that digging under the fence and escaping is a fun idea. I don't exactly enjoy packing Judah and Paisley up just to drive around our neighborhood to find Rosie and Fritz, the dogs and I've been doing that all too often lately. It's embarrassing, irresponsible and it just can't keep happening.

So, when things get hard, I often don't blog because if I do blog, I'll just be a big whiner. I have fun things to blog about though so, hopefully I'll get the time soon and make it more of a priority.
In the meantime, here are some recent pictures that are making me smile.
Paisley has been smiling up a storm and it's hard to catch it on camera but, this evening, I caught part of her smile. I love it!
Also, can I just brag and say that I think this little girl is getting so strong? I can't believe she can hold her head up like this already!
Here is a picture of an ornament that my mom bought for Judah when we were in Leavenworth 2 summers ago. One of the most fun things about decorating the tree is bringing out all the ornaments that have special meanings. I want to start a tradition of getting Judah and Paisley a new ornament each year and writing their name and the year on it. I think it'll be neat to have all the ornaments from each year for them and someday when they have their own homes (a very, very, long time from now!), they can have their ornaments that we've bought over the years.
Now, here is a picture that really makes me smile. My mom, with her 5 desserts on Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at our house and it was really fun. Watching my mom pile her plate full of just dessert and enjoy it made me happy. She is so thin and fit so, I'm giving myself permission to blog about this.

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